Insulated Containers

CHILLED +2° to + 8° Celsius Chilled Milk, Chilled Fruits & Vegetables, Fresh Fish mixed with ICE

Design & Quality

ALPHA Insulated Containers are configured by qualified engineers according to the specific needs of the customer in terms of Space, Volume & Application. Our Production process are one the bests in the industry to ensure high quality standards.

External: The entire superstructure is made out of CRCS hot dip Galvanized SQHT & RHT sections which impart huge resistance against deflections in the container shell when it is being over loaded or meets with a collision these sections undergo pre assembly and post assembly processes which make them extremely resistant to corrosion.

Internal: We only use special grade high impact GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) sheets to line the interior of our containers. There is a complete GRP moulding In-House unit which aids in producing high tensile GRP sheets.

PuF Insulation: All Sides of our container are homogeneously insulated with Polyurethane Foam (PuF) using finest imported raw materials from Bayer Material Science.

CNC Controlled state-of-the-art high pressure Italian PU machines are used for mixing and injecting foam to the Container components. This ensures the density of 42-45 kg/mtr cube throughout the container.

Flooring: The floor panels are layered with 19mm heavy duty ply wood on the top further covered with an heavy duty AL extruded inverted U profile TIG welded to form a continuous layer.The Floor design allows free movement of pallet trolley and other mechanized wheel mounted apparatus.

Painting: The Four Coat process – Super Structure, Exterior Shell Interior cladding & under carriage makes APLHA container exceedingly good anti-corrosion characteristics’.