Dry Van Containers

DYR CARGO All General Purpose Commodities

Design & Quality

ALPHA Dry Cargo Containers are configured by qualified engineers according to the specific needs of the customer in terms of Space, Volume & Application. Our Production process are one the bests in the industry to ensure high quality standards.

External: The entire superstructure is made out of CRCS hot dip Galvanized SQHT & RHT sections which impart huge resistance against deflections in the container shell when it is being over loaded or meets with a collision these sections undergo pre assembly and post assembly processes which make them extremely resistant to corrosion.

Internal: Hot dipped Galvanized sheets are used to line the interior of Dry Cargo Containers.Alpha special grade high impact GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) sheets are also available as an option.

Flooring: The flooring is done either by wooden planks, plywood or steel sheet as per the customized requirements.

Painting: The Four Coat process – Super Structure, Exterior Shell Interior cladding & under carriage makes APLHA container exceedingly good anti-corrosion characteristics’.