ALPHA Secure refrigerated Containers are designed to attain superior working life which ensures:

Total Customer Enrichment
At ALPHA our prime motive is to surpass customer expectation by delivering highly regulated quality products.

More Strength Less Weight
Our Galvanized Corrugated Steel super structure can hold up under toughest conditions / rough terrains. Our pleasing-shining white coloured GRP inner sheets are high tensile in strength and less in weight.

Load Integrity & More Volume
ALPHA containers can handle Overloading because of the Lesser weight of containers due to the GRP components and the customer benefits to carry more volume.

Anti Rust – Anti Corrosion Treatment
The Galvanized steel structure used by ALPHA prevents rust & corrosion from setting in imparting a stable finish to the container over a long period of time. Our four coat Painting process imparting the container exceedingly good anti corrosion characteristics’.

Good Temperature Retention
ALPHA container ensures the maintenance of the desired cargo hold temperature in normal operating conditions (or) in the event of the truck meeting with an accident (or) in case of a failure in the refrigeration unit the transporter gets more time to reach the truck without harming the condition of the cargo.

Quick Temperature Pull Down
As an outstanding feature, the temperature pull down can be achieved in a shorter span of time in Alpha containers and make us a class apart.

Inferior in Condensation
Due to GRP interior walls the phenomenon of condensate formation & condensate rain are being arrested in ALPHA containers. This has greatly helped to prevent deterioration of the cargo master packing due to accumulation of moisture.

Pleasing Inner Appearance
Comparing to Stainless Steel & Aluminium structure, our Pleasant White Coloured GRP sheets used for the inner structure are highly tensile in strength and makes identification & management of cargo loaded inside the container easy.

Predominant Working LIFE
ALPHA Containers are best suited for Indian road conditions and can with stand in harsh/rough terrains. Our anti-rusting/ anti-corrosion feature ensures predominant working life of the containers.

In Hand Experience
ALPHA has a rich experience in the refrigerated truck transport field owing to its sister company the SINGH TRANSPORT CONSORTIUM which has been in the business of refrigerated trucking ever since 1991. This exposure has given ALPHA a huge ADVANTAGE over other container manufacturers in the country.